Reference: PAg04

925 Silver with finishings: white gold/ pink gold/ yellow gold, black rhodium. 925 Silver and grey pearls, finishings: white gold/ black rhodium.

Finishings color
Pendente Argento 925

Cod. Articolo Variante
PAg04 B00-NA white gold
PAg04 B10-NA white gold ∘ con perla grigia
PAg04 G00-NA yellow gold
PAg04 N10-NA black rhodium ∘ con perla grigia
PAg04 N00-NA black rhodium
PAg04 R00-NA pink gold
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This fashion jewel is made by expert artisans, inspired by the traditional Florentine goldsmith's techniques.Our products are handmade and any possible irregularity is to be considered as uniqueness characteristic of the product.

The collections are in silver 925 and natural stones, nickel-free and hypoallergenic. To clean your jewel, we advise to use a soft cloth and when not worn, they should be protected in the Dorothty pouch to prevent impacts and frictions.

PAg04 B00-NA

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